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CrossMigration is an H2020 project focused at systematic knowledge accumulation in migration studies.

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Appointed as alliance coordinator of the new UNIC European University alliance

I'm very happy and proud to have been appointed alliance coordinator of the newly established European University of Post-Industrial Cities (UNIC). UNIC will bring together Erasmus University Rotterdam with Koc University Istanbul, the University of Zagreb, the University of Deusto, University College Cork, the Ruhr University Bochum, the University of Liege and the the University of Oulu in a very ambitious alliance. We aim to bring a truly European collaborative structure of universities embedded in post-industrial cities, united by a clear ambition to promote social inclusion with a common commitment to create societal impact. We will foster a new generation of students who have the knowledge and the skills to create societal impact not just within their own university and city but on a European level. Read more here.

New book: Mainstreaming versus Alienation

Why does the governance of migration and migration-related diversities so often derail? In my new book I address this question by offering a complexity approach on the governance of migration and diversity. From a policy scientific perspective, I disentangle the factors that drive policies in this area toward alienation or that help promote mainstreaming. More information, click here.

Three vacancies for new LDE Center on Governance of Migration and Diversity

We are looking for three enthusiastic colleagues for the development of the new LDE (Leiden-Delft-Erasmus) research center on Governance of Migration and Diversity. The center will launch formally on January 1st 2020 and marks the ambition of all three universities to take the successes of the LDE master GMD into the areas of research and impact. The center will be led by scholars from 8 different faculties from the three universities; I will be academic director. The center will be run by a team of four persons, including Dr. Mark van Ostaijen (EUR) as senior executive manger. In addition, we are looking for:

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New book chapter in book 'Briding the Gaps'

Excellent book (edited by Martin Ruhs, Kristof Tamas and Joakim Palme) that has just come out; 'Briding the Gaps; Linking research to public debates and policymaking on migration and integration' (OUP). Including our chapter on Research-Policy Dialogues in Europe, based largely on our research in the DIAMINT project. Book is available in OA here

Opportunity for PhD scholarship for research on Cities of Migration in China

Interested in pursuing a PhD position in our project Cities of Migration? Chinese students that wish to go abroad can now apply for a position with a scholarship from the China Scholarship Council (CSC) for a PhD position at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Application deadline: March 1st 2019.

For more information on the CSC Scholarship Scheme for Erasmus University, click here.

For more information on the project Cities of Migration and in particular the requirements for this PhD position, click here

New book: Coming to terms with superdiversity: the case of Rotterdam

This book, edited together with Maurice Crul and Paul van de Laar, discusses Rotterdam as clear example of a superdiverse city that is only reluctantly coming to terms with this new reality. Rotterdam, as is true for many post-industrial cities, has seen a considerable backlash against migration and diversity. At the same time Rotterdam has become a majority minority city where the people of Dutch descent have become a numerical minority themselves. The book explores how Rotterdam is coming to terms with superdiversity, by an analysis of its migration history of the city, the composition of the migrant population and the Dutch working class population, local politics and by a comparison with Amsterdam and other cities. As such it contributes to a better understanding not just of how and why super-diverse cities emerge but also how and why the reaction to a super-diverse reality can be so different.

The book is available for OA download here: link

Inaugural Address at Erasmus University Rotterdam

Thanks to all who shared this great day with me; my inaugural address at Erasmus University Rotterdam, on 30 November. I hope to continue working in the coming years on the key concepts raised in the inaugural; mainstreaming versus alienation in the dynamics of migration and diversity policymaking. Hopefully the book manuscript on which the inaugural was based, will appear somewhere in 2019. A Dutch version of the inaugural is available for download here

New book: Routledge Handbook to the Governance of Migration & Diversity in Cities (with Tiziana Caponio and Ricard Zapata-Barrero)

The Routledge Handbook to the Governance of Migration and Diversity in Cities focuses on the ways migration and diversity have transformed cities, and how cities have responded to the challenges and opportunities offered. Strengthening the relevance of the city as a crucial category for the study of migration policy and migration flows, the book is divided into five parts:

• Migration, history and urban life

• Local politics and political participation

• Local policies of migration and diversity

• Superdiverse cities

• Divided cities and border cities. 

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